Useful Louisiana Tech University Student FAQs

Each year, new and current students arrive at LA Tech with questions about the university and its community.

Whether you are wondering about campus perks or downtown Ruston eats, the following Louisiana Tech University FAQ should give you an idea about LA Tech’s offerings and surroundings, so you can feel prepared when you get here and have a resource when you arrive.

Can you keep your car at LA Tech if you live off-campus?

For this Louisiana Tech University FAQ, it’s a Yes! You must fill out a vehicle registration form, submit some supporting documents (vehicle registration, etc.), and pay a fee. If you are exempt from a parking permit, you will have to park in the commuter zone. In most cases, you are required to have a permit if you are taking any course on the main campus.

What is the Parking Situation at LA Tech?

Like any campus, parking space is a scarce commodity, but LA Tech is consistently working on improving that situation. A campus parking map is available to indicate student and faculty zones along with resident zones that allow extended parking periods. Don’t forget to properly display your parking permit!

What type of food is available on the LA Tech campus?

There are multiple dining and food options available on-campus. They include:

Depending on the time period, there may be additional coffee shops, burger joints, and other food options available.

Does downtown Ruston have any good restaurants?

If your on-campus food options aren’t enough, there’s plenty to offer in the town of Ruston.

Nearby restaurants include:

If you are looking for a quick bite or a sit-down dinner, you can find it near campus.

Where can I buy groceries and eat in my dorm?

Ruston has multiple grocery stores, including Walmart and Super 1 Foods. However, LA Tech provides its students with grocery options on campus with its P.O.D. markets. There’s one in the Student Center and one in the Lambright.

What can you do for recreation on-campus?

New students often wonder what they’ll do during their free time on campus. There is actually life outside of academics, and LA Tech was designed to help you live it. First, there’s the Lambright. But that’s a whole different subject on its own.

Other recreational or extra-curricular activities include intramural sports, student organizations and clubs, enjoying Frisbee golf at Hideaway Park, or simply meeting people in the common areas of your dorm. If you are a gamer, consider our Esports Club.

What does Lambright Sports and Wellness Center offer?

The Lambright offers everything you need to stay active no matter what the weather is. But this isn’t just an ordinary gym. The Lambright is a sports center that is open to the public and free to LA Tech students. Here are just a few of the things Lambright offers:

  • Ping pong
  • Billiards
  • Bowling alley
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Rock wall
  • Racquetball
  • Basketball gyms
  • Indoor track
  • Weights and cardio equipment

If you are looking for some ways to keep active, you can engage in formal or informal exercises. You can make it a recreational activity with the amenities offered here.

What if I just want to get outside and relax?

If you want to hang out in the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air, you will get what you need from the landscape at LA Tech. Beautiful lawns, gardens, and the Lady of the Mist fountain are only a few of the places you might find to relax. There are park benches around the campus, and there is always the actual park! Hideaway Park has walking/running trails, and a lake to sit beside and enjoy the view.

There are all sorts of questions you will have when you get to LA Tech, but rest assured, the campus offers an excellent assortment of amenities to enhance your quality of life whether you live on or off-campus.

Is There Off-Campus Housing at LA Tech?

Yes! There is off-campus housing at LA Tech that will give you access to the university without all of the school regulations. CEV Ruston student apartments offer affordable housing options for LA Tech students.

Find excellent off-campus housing for your LA Tech journey here!