Top Louisiana Tech University Majors & Degrees

Located in beautiful Ruston, Louisiana, La Tech students get to enjoy a safe, picturesque campus. More than 5,600 students graduate from Louisiana Tech each year.

Top Louisiana Tech University majors include biology, mechanical engineering, computer science, business administration and management, and accounting. Here, we’ll explore each of the most popular majors for undergraduate students working toward their bachelor’s degree at Louisiana Tech.

Biology/Biological Sciences (General) – Louisiana Tech College of Applied and Natural Sciences

Many students who complete their four-year degree in biology and biological sciences at Louisiana Tech go on to medical school or other types of graduate school, while other students immediately enter the workforce following graduation. In this degree program, students study living things and life processes. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on research, helping them gain experience that allows them to gain a competitive edge in the workforce.

Students in biology programs at Louisana Tech are not required to complete internships, but many students choose to do so to gain additional experience before graduation.

Students enrolled in Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science develop solutions to the problems that businesses, governments, and nonprofits face.

Mechanical Engineering – Louisiana Tech College of Engineering & Science

Mechanical engineering majors at Louisiana Tech learn how to use math, science, physics, and technology to creatively solve problems across a variety of industries. Graduates of Louisiana Tech’s mechanical engineering program are qualified to work in a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive technology, machine design, environmental engineering, robotics, thermal systems, and more. Mechanical engineers have the opportunity to work in nearly any space, as a mechanical engineering degree from Louisiana Tech provides students with the hands-on, immersive experience necessary to develop students into engineers who are assets to any organization.

Louisiana Tech offers mechanical engineering majors several options for unique educational experiences that set them apart from others in their field.

Computer Science – Louisiana Tech College of Engineering & Science

Over the past decade, the computer science faculty at Louisiana Tech has secured more than $18 million in grant funding, providing students with nearly limitless opportunities to participate in unique research opportunities. Louisiana Tech computer science majors also have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, ensuring that they graduate with the knowledge and experience that they need to compete in the job market.

Students in the computer science program work closely with faculty advisors, allowing the development of unique interests that can help set them apart from others in their field.

The College of Business is proud to offer students state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and innovative learning environments that provide them with hands-on experiences in their field of study.

Business Administration and Management – Louisiana Tech College of Business

Students who major in business administration at Louisiana Tech graduate well-prepared to take on the many challenges of business in today’s changing market. Students majoring in business administration and management get a well-rounded education in subjects including statistics, economics, marketing, human resources, accounting, and finance. This major prepares students to become leaders in any industry. The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect changes and best practices in the business world.

Accounting – Louisiana Tech College of Business

In Louisiana Tech’s accounting program, students learn how to meet the needs of businesses in today’s evolving industries. Graduates of this program are in high demand in the job market and are well-prepared to work in the public, private, and government sectors. Many accounting leaders emerge from this program, working in industries including the Big Four, regional accounting firms, and CPA firms. Some graduates of Louisiana Tech’s accounting program go on to open their own CPA businesses.

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