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A Day In Your Life at CEV Ruston

This isn’t about student housing. CEV Ruston is about student living.

From waking up in a sunny (single) bedroom in the comfort of your full-size bed to evening events and relaxation time, life at CEV Ruston is whatever you make of it. We supply everything you need to live a comfortable, memorable campus lifestyle, including easy access to Louisiana Tech University and a location that’s convenient to many of the town’s offerings. You simply mix and match the available amenities to fill each day with fun, purpose and learning. Here’s a look at what life can be like when you live in our student apartments.

Wake Up After a Restful Night

Since every bedroom in our village is a single, sleep doesn’t have to compete with your roommate’s snoring or late-night snacking habit. That makes it more likely you’ll wake well rested and ready to face whatever tests, parties or obligations the day holds.

<p><em>Start the day off right by waking up in your spacious and comfortable bedroom.</em></p>

Start the day off right by waking up in your spacious and comfortable bedroom.

Choose From Numerous Caffeine-Boost Options

while still in pajamas for the earliest start on your day. Simply add a coffee maker or tea kettle to your kitchen for self-serve barista action whenever you need it.

If you’re looking for specialty coffees or just prefer someone else handle the brewing, numerous coffee houses and restaurants are a stroll away. Wake yourself up with a brisk morning walk to Starbucks, Chick-fil-A or Waffle House for your choice in hot or cold caffeine and plenty of breakfast proteins and carbs to fuel your entire morning.

Commuting Your Way

Get to campus, your part-time job or other locations throughout Ruston via a variety of commute choices.

  • LA Tech and many amenities are close enough you can walk or bike
  • Drive anywhere in the city and know you’ll return to plentiful parking
  • Taxis are available in Ruston for those times you need to get somewhere quickly

Online Classrooms, Enjoyable Home Learning

For those days you’re learning from home – whether you’re taking an online class or just taking some time to complete assignments or do research – we’ve got you covered. The internet throughout CEV Ruston is high speed and reliable, so you can study from your bed or desk, living room couch, kitchen table or one of the common spaces with equally great results. Leverage the computer center for tech as needed or lounge with your books and mobile devices by the pool to get some Vitamin D while you fill your brain.

Visit the On-Site Fitness Center to Keep all Your Muscles Healthy

Don’t neglect your body while you fuel your brain. The on-site fitness center lets you get miles in on the treadmill when it’s too hot, cold, or wet to jog outside or leverage some free time for leg day. The fitness center is open 24/7, so you can sweat through a post-study workout no matter what time that is for you. You can also start your day with exercise or take an evening plunge during warm months in the on-site pool to ease the tension of the day.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Once the bustle of the academic day is done, you have plenty of options for dinner and leisure. Start with simple meals or snacks you prepared in your apartment kitchen or stroll with friends to nearby eateries such as the Dawg House grill for hamburgers and drinks. Whether you want to Netflix and chill, enjoy friendly gaming or billiards, or explore nearby nightlife, our student housing village has everything you need for convenient access to entertainment.

Flying-Burger-and-Seafood Roma-Italian-Bistro

Once the bustle of the academic day is done, you have plenty of options for dinner and leisure.

Don't Forget the Ruston Farmer's Market

Grab some healthy, fresh food for your apartment kitchen and browse a variety of crafts and other goods from local retailers every Saturday from mid-April through mid-December. The Ruston Farmer’s Market is located at 220 E. Mississippi near the Historic Fire Station downtown. It’s open from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays during the late spring, summer, and fall. Stock up on homegrown veggies, unique organics, and gifts for those back home.

Buy Food and Other Goods Nearby

You don’t have to limit your retail therapy to Saturday mornings. The main drag in Ruston offers a variety of shopping options, from discount chains such as Five Below to department stores and unique boutiques such as the Chartreuse Pear or Patton’s Downtown. Drug stores and groceries stores are also aplenty, so you can easily find ingredients for your favorite recipes or stock up on makeup or medical supplies.

Create Days That Work For You

The flexibility of life at CEV Ruston lets you create days that work for your goals and preferences. Whether you like to stay busy or enjoy a slow-paced learning lifestyle, the amenities at our student housing village and in nearby Ruston make it possible to live your best college life