Louisiana Tech University Jobs for Students (Updated 2022)

As you build your knowledge from your course of study at Louisiana Tech University, there are perks to working part-time during your college career. Money is an obvious advantage, but working your way through college has long-term benefits.

The Perks of Working Part-Time During College

It is certain that “cash flow” is immediate gratification. It’s the other eight (8) advantages of working part-time during college that can affect your life into the future.

  • If applicable, offset future loan debt.
  • Money management is all about budgeting your money to make sure you can live within your means.
  • Time management will help you all through life.
  • You have a competitive edge with work experience over someone who never worked in college.
  • You have the advantage of a possibly better-paying offer, especially if your part-time work is related to your field of study.
  • Everyone you meet can be a future contact.
  • Learning to manage your school and work can lead to better grades with time management. Don’t forget to schedule a healthy break.
  • When you become comfortable with your job, it can be more fun than you think, especially making new friends.

Louisiana Tech University Jobs for Students

You don’t have to go far to find a job that will be easy to work around your class schedule. Student employment on the Louisiana Tech campus is committed to helping students who need financial assistance while attending college. Scrolling down to the bottom, you can see available Louisiana Tech University jobs, such as a Career Center Ambassador.

It is highly beneficial to work in your area of course study. Departmental positions are great for getting experience and working around your field of interest, such as a Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Researcher.

Remember how working can be fun? “The Department of Recreation is the largest employer of students on campus.” It can be the perfect break from a demanding curriculum to work in the bowling alley or help set up and take down party events.

Many graduate students spend a lot of time in the library. Your campus library is a serene place to work during your graduate years, convenient and quiet.

The Student Employment Program at Louisiana Tech University provides employment opportunities for students who need earnings from part-time employment to pursue a course of study at the university.

Employ the Local Classifieds for Available Jobs

The one thing that every library offers is access to local and national newspapers and campus and local classifieds. With your student login, you should access your campus news. Check in the Ruston Daily Leader at Prescott Library.

Working Remote is Part of the New Norm

As we all know, there are a lot of businesses that have shifted to remote work, and there are more opportunities to find a part-time job where you can work around your class and study schedule, work from anywhere convenient, and possibly in your field of study. Online job-posting sites make it easy to find a variety of positions, waiting for the perfect candidate.

CEV Ruston offers everything students need to enjoy life and succeed in studies while in a comfortable environment they’ll be proud to call home.

CEV Ruston: The Perfect Location to Live, Study, and Work Remote

When you want to be at the center of everything, CEV Ruston will give you that advantage of living “right in the middle of university and town action.” It’s all about your comfort and convenience. It’s perfect for living, studying, and remotely working with high-speed wifi as part of your amenity package. We make it easy for you to enjoy college life and stay on course for a successful college experience.

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