6 Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

Looking to earn a little extra cash? If you’re like most students, you want to earn money so you can pay for off-campus housing.

Here are six jobs you’ll love that allow you to earn money for student living expenses.


With a friendly SLR camera and a little know-how, you can earn some cash taking photographs. Photography gives you the flexibility to schedule your work around your class schedule. And the opportunities are endless and varied. One weekend might find you photographing a local rock band while you’re taking a newly engaged couple’s photos the next. What more could you want?


Who doesn’t want to spend the poolside in the summer (and possibly winter)? Many gyms, private clubs, resorts, and schools hire lifeguards to keep swimmers safe. Just be willing to get certified and adequately trained if an emergency should occur.

Virtual Assistant

Many businesses and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to manage the daily activities they don’t have time to do. The assistant is “virtual” since they work remotely without ever setting foot inside an office. Tasks might include checking email accounts, scheduling appointments, posting to social media, or any number of other jobs. As long as your schedule allows, it’s a great way to make some cash to pay for off-campus student housing.


Many families need after-school childcare and are willing to pay big bucks for a responsible sitter who will help kids with homework and snacks for a few hours in the afternoons. If you enjoy spending time with kids and have a bit of patience, working as a babysitter can be fun, rewarding, and lucrative.


If you have a creative gift like writing or graphic design, put your skills to work. Look for jobs online or hit up local businesses and agencies that might utilize your services. Not only can you earn some dough by freelancing, but you can also build a portfolio that you can use after graduation. The experience you gain will pay huge dividends when you enter the job market.


Ride-sharing services are top-rated, especially in college towns where young people frequently need lifts from bars and clubs to student apartments. By driving for these companies, you can set your schedule and probably meet some interesting people. You might even make some new friends!


Finding a fun job that meshes with your class schedule isn’t always easy, but these options are an excellent place to start. And with a little bit of income, your off-campus student housing search will get a lot easier!